Tony Comes Clean | The Sopranos - S01E13 #shorts #sopranos

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The Sopranos - S01E13
Gangster Clips - Episode: 129
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Our Favorites Gangster Movies & Shows:
The Godfather (Part I-III)
The Sopranos
Boardwalk Empire
Peaky Blinders
The Untouchables
A Bronx Tale
Breaking Bad
Road to Perdition
The Untouchables
American Gangster
Donnie Brasco
Our Favorite Mobster Characters:
Michael Corleone
Tony Soprano
Vito Corleone
Jimmy Conway
Paulie Gualtieri
Silvio Dante
Sonny Corleone
Christopher Moltisanti
Nucky Thompson
Fat Tony
Vincent Corleone
Gyp Rosetti

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